Reiki 3 and treatments, UK – France: Rebecca is a very gifted communicator with a remarkable instinct for knowing the correct approach to students in her Reiki and sound healing.  Rebecca was my teacher for Reiki 3 and I am so grateful that I was able to experience her patient, kind, informative and loving teaching methods.  She has encouraged me in my own Reiki practice which I am now using in my local hospice.   I receive regular distance healing from Rebecca and each time she is able to intuit where there is a problem and each time I have felt enormous benefit.  Rebecca is now going to instruct my 15 year old grandson in Reiki 1 and I know that any student of Rebecca will feel the wonder of entering the world of healing energy and the sense of belonging and safety that it brings. Deborah Somers

Reiki 1 Luxembourg: When I got the flyer from Rebecca about the Reiki I formation, I somehow immediately knew, I want to participate. Arriving at the location and seeing her, I just felt at the right place with the right person. Rebecca was calm, affectionate and welcoming. She gave us interesting information about Reiki and then we were initiated. When I opened my eyes again, I saw the colors so much brighter. During the 1 1/2 days, we practiced a lot, which was fantastic! We could experience this new energy and exchange our perceptions with the other participants. I appreciated the warm, open and respectful atmosphere. After the workshop, I was happy about her support via e-mail, where Rebecca answered my many questions concerning my manifold experiences arising with my daily Reiki practice. Joanne

Reiki 1, Belgium. In Reiki I have discovered a skill that allows not only healing but a tool for everyday life. It has strengthened my trust in using intuition for dealing with any situation that may come up. Antoine.

Reiki Retreat – Reiki 3 and Master/teacher, France. Being taught Reiki at Master level with Rebecca was a wonderful experience and an invaluable part of my life that I look back on fondly and with great gratitude. Rebecca is a caring, kind, passionate and very experienced teacher, who embodies Reiki itself. Learning level 1 with Rebecca and returning some years later for the Master Reiki retreat in Normandy has been a blessing, and the lessons I learnt with her I carry with me today. If you are seriously considering taking a Reiki course and you have found Rebecca, don’t let this chance pass you by. Sarah Jayne

Reiki 3, India : I really enjoyed Rebecca´s open and experimental approach to Reiki. She is not just teaching Reiki as a technique, but has profound spiritual insight and is transmitting a meditative and holistic approach to Reiki. Apart from being an effective healing method, Reiki is a way to live. And that is the essence of Rebecca´s teaching. I especially like the fact that she can trace down her Reiki lineage clearly. Clara

Treatments, Barcelona : I would absolutely recommend Reiki.  I have had many different alternative healing sessions and the Reiki sessions I received from Rebecca were some of the most beneficial.  
I had a couple of sessions that were sporadic in a very emotionally stressful time.  Those sessions really helped me to calm my mind and offered clear ideas of how I could reshape my thoughts to help myself.
I also had five sessions in one week when I had a severe back spasm.  Those sessions were extremely helpful in dealing with both the physical and emotional pain.  My spine deeply relaxed during the sessions and I left feeling better each time.  I am grateful to have had so much comfort during this time. 
The atmosphere with Rebecca is very calming and peaceful. I found each experience to be inspiring in its healing. I left with the feeling that my body was going to use that information to continue heal even further. Her rate is very reasonable and the quality of the work that she is doing is outstanding. The benefits outweigh the cost by far! Danielle

Reiki 1, India. The course was very well taught throughout, allowing a good balance between theory and practice. What I loved the most was the way you explained things in a very easy and clear manner and then asked the group to put them into practice and give feedback to the class afterwards. The initial exercises to relax and feel the flow of energy were particularly helpful and also the group reiki sessions, in which each student received reiki by all other students at the same time. All this created a very strong bond amongst the students and the teacher and it really helped to realize the Reiki we all have already. As you always said during the course ‘You don’t have to do anything, it’s already there’.  I have been practicing Reiki on myself daily since the course and I have also recently started giving sessions to others and I can’t thank you enough for helping me discover this great gift, which I didn’t know I had.  Long live Reiki and Thank you Thank you Thank you. You have helped me discover one of the best cures and I can’t stop discovering the benefits everyday. 
With Love and Light, Valentina.

Reiki 1 and 2, India: REIKI is SPECTACULAR!! Claudio

Distant treatments: Rebecca worked with me at distance, I was in London, England whilst she was in India, on different occasions. Through the work she did with me, I found my breathing deepened and I became more energised. This experience has given me insights into how I can create space for healing to happen, and Rebecca is a great facilitator in the process. Jeremy